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Forget old school, scammy and shady donations, Bono is a consumer fintech product that treats your donation money with respect. as it should.  


Follow and manage all your causes and charities in one place.


Get a personalized impact reports to learn how you’re making a difference.


Handpicked, carefully chosen charities, based on what matters to you 


You can relax knowing your donations reach the right places responsibly.


Your monthly donation is spread across multiple charities while you get a single deductible tax receipt.

This is our story:

from mass-destruction
to mass-fixing

Past generations focused on cash and not much else, neglecting countless pressing issues. Now, it’s our turn to fight back with a ton to fix – oceans, forests, human rights… the list is long, but we’re short on space. We’ve started a global movement of people who genuinely care about this world and want to take action. If all of this makes as much sense to you as it does to us, join us. Rally everyone you know to get on board and subscribe to their causes. The impact, both functional and emotional, is beyond belief.

Transparent Process, Secured Donations

Just like tracking an Amazon package, you can follow every step of your donation with Bono. No more guessing where and what your money is doing. Your monthly contribution goes directly to a secure Donor Advised Fund’s bank account and then to the non-profits from your portfolio.

Questions you’re probably asking yourself:

Who's creating my Portfolio?

Our team, made up of industry experts and dedicated content creators, uses advanced technology to curate a portfolio of organizations that empowers you to make the greatest impact.

How do you make money?

For every $10 in donations, the tech company operating the nonprofit charges $1 for operations. This allows us to cover technology and security, impact reporting, vetting, and invoicing while keeping our approach donor-focused

What's $5 worth, really?

A lot. When your $5 join others it turns your small donations into big change. We are stronger when we team up, you know.

Where's my money going?

To the different nonprofits in your portfolio through The Bono Way Charitable Foundation, a registered 501(c)(3) organization in Delaware.


Can I see my donation's impact?

Sure! You will receive a personalized impact report over email that will showcase impactful actions the nonprofits in your portfolio did


Any tax perks with this?

All your giving is deductible. It’s smooth sailing—even if you gave just $5 a month to 20 different NPOs.

Is the singer Bono in on this?

So, as much as we love him, he’s not part of this. The name’s inspired by “pro bono”—it’s Latin for ‘doing good stuff for everyone.’

Who's Behind This?

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All this about Bono? It’s Dan and Ron’s brainchild. They’re our co-founders. After spending years building, growing and marketing, working in tech and in advertising, they wanted a fresh way for everyone to pitch in and make things better. They’ve brought together a top-notch team (people who truly care) from areas like design, impact, tech, creative, and academic research.  Now the real question is: Are we ready for a new way to help shape a better world? We think we are. 

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